Youth Executive Team

iCAN's Youth Executive Team demonstrate strong leadership skills in their school and community.

Zakia Tookes


Lead Youth Advisor


Specialties: Multimedia Content, Grant Writer, Annual Toys Drive, Project Facilitator


Hello, my name is Zakia Tookes. I am a freshman television and film major, theater arts minor.  I aspire to be a writer, director, producer, and actor. My immediate goal is to create content and provide innovative performances that are unique and thought-provoking. I intend to use my artistic expression to represent modern African American culture progressively. I would like to use my leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills as a platform for helping other women whose self-concept has been adversely affected by society, particularly the influence of media and theater’s portrayals of African American women.


Through iCAN, I will continue to create multimedia content, support program development, and facilitate workshops and events to educate and empower youth.

Ariya Farrow


WKI Project Advisor


Specialties: Social Media Coordinator, Blogger, Project Facilitator, Artist


Hello, my name is Ariya Farrow. I am 21 years old. I am a junior at Southern A & M University in Baton Rouge where I am studying to obtain a Bachelor of Business with a minor in Sports and Entertainment Law.  In 2017, I graduated from Luella High School in Locust Grove, GA. I enjoy creating freehand art, vlogging and reviewing/updating social media content. I believe that youth can use their skills and talents to create opportunities that improve our community.  In high school, I was a member of the Delta GEMS, a program that offered a road map for college and career planning through the facilitation of activities that provide an opportunity for self-reflection and individual growth. I was able to provide mentorship to the girls in the WKI program by sharing and teaching them the skills learned from the Delta GEMS program.


Being a team member at iCAN provides me an opportunity to provide mentorship to girls attending urban high school by assisting them with navigating high school and preparing for college.

Jovan Hurt


Multimedia Designer


Specialties: Website Development, Graphic Designing, Project Facilitator


My name is Jovan Hurt, and I am a Production Assistant for the Walking Dead. After earning my Associate of Business Degree, I entered the film and media field. I enjoy creating websites and designing graphics. I love producing music that is a compilation of several genres. My experience in the film and music industry equips me with diverse technical skills and resources that I use to create a collection of work. Some of my work is featured on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.


At ICAN, I provide support to staff and youth, this includes assisting with media development. I also mentor youth who are interested in entering the music field. 

Alanna Tookes


Youth Project Designer


Specialties: Digital Storyboarding, Drama and Choreography, Project Facilitator


Hello, my name is Alanna Tookes. I am a junior at Charles E. Drew Charter School in Atlanta, Georgia. After my senior year, I would like to attend a college with a strong Arts Program.  I enjoy studying Drama and Choreography.  I love to use music to create artistic expressions that provide a glimpse of life as a teenager.  I take what I learn to create projects that help youth examine and find solutions for problems in their lives.  I am passionate about using my artistic and technological abilities to be a change agent.  I believe that youth can use their skills and talents to create opportunities that improve our community.  At Drew Charter School, I am a member of the Beta Club and Honor's Society, which provides me opportunities to be involved in community service projects.  

Being a team member at iCAN provides me an opportunity to develop projects and work directly with younger youth.  


At iCAN I am able to lead research projects with other youth to promote them to join me in being a change agent.

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